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Pre-Op Massage

Pre-op massage is ideal to prep and prime the body before surgery by removing any toxins, bacteria, and have the lymphatic system running smoothly to prevent any infection. It is recommended to come in 3-7 days before surgery to make sure you are fully prepared and have an after-care plan set in place. This service includes the following:

  • Hands-on Manual Lymphatic Drainage 60 minutes

  • Full Pre-Operative Checklist & Post-Operative Recovery Manual. *This manual goes over the following: education on compression garments, a list of recommended products for at home care, nutrition list, and other helpful recovery tips.

  • Extra time to get future Post-Op appointments scheduled

60 Minutes - $165 

Post-Op Massage

This session is for those that are dealing with post-operative swelling, fibrosis, or scar tissue. It covers common plastic, cosmetic, and orthopedic procedures such as: 

Breast augmentation, BBL, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Join Replacement, C-Section, etc. It will be split into 2 phases depending on what phase of healing you are in. 

Stage 1: This typically starts within a few days after surgery, or once you've been cleared by your doctor. Stage 1 consists of a hands-on manual lymphatic drainage due to the delicate state of the body. MLD helps with stagnant lymphatic fluid, swelling, and helps to minimize keloid scar tissue. 


Stage 2: Starts around week 4 post-op but the time may vary depending on the procedure. This consists of incorporating other techniques to help break up any adhesion/scarring or fibrosis that may have formed in the tissue. Techniques may include red light therapy, taping, cross-friction techniques, hot stones, or other myofascial techniques to reduce stiffness. 

During your session you will receive the following:

  1. Stage 1 or Stage 2 hands-on massage

  2. Post-operative Recovery Manual

  3. Checking the surgical site for fibrosis/infection

  4. Help with any garment fitting questions you may have

  5. Massage Recovery Care Plan sent to surgeon upon request

60 Minutes - $165 

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