How long of a session do you recommend?

For your first visit, it is always suggested one hour at the minimum. That time allows for a slow session to get to know your body, test your range of motion, and any other concerns. I recommend at least 30 minutes for each target area. After your initial visit, we can come up with a treatment plan based on what's going on. Always listen to your intuition, if you feel like you need a longer or shorter session then that is okay too!

There's currently no age limit for children's massage. I actually have quite a few clients that come in for mother/daughter days! A separate waiver and intake form must be filled out prior to the massage as well as you being present in the room for the session.

What is the age limit for a massage?

It all depends on your personal pain patterns and goals. Some people are doing work daily that contributes to the "knots" and once a week just isn't enough. It's tough to undo years of tension which is why patience and consistency are key! These people may want to start out twice a week for target area treatment, and then eventually taper off once they have retained the results. Most clients then come in weekly, biweekly, or monthly as routine care.

How many visits are needed until I am feeling better?

All appointments require an account to be made through the Vagaro booking system. This can be done on the Vagaro mobile app or website. A credit card is required to be placed on file to reserve your appointment.



If you are booking for fertility and do not see any openings that will work for your ovulation dates, please reach out and I will do my best to get you in!

What's the easiest way to book an appointment?

Absolutely!! All women are welcome no matter what age or phase of life they are in. I offer a variety of treatment options that will work for anyone. Even though I specialize in specific women's bodywork I also have been trained over the years in other modalities such as: Swedish, Neuromuscular bodywork, Cupping therapy, Deep tissue, Reiki, and Hot stones.

I am not pregnant nor wanting a fertility massage. Can I still schedule an appointment?

Of course! As a mother, I know hard it is to leave your baby at home and squeeze in some self care time which is why I want to make it easy for you! There is even extra time allowed in postnatal massages incase baby needs to eat or be soothed. Although, please limit to no more than 1 child due to maximum occupancy regulations. 

Can I bring my child to my appointment?