New, full, half, waxing, waning, crescent, and gibbous. The moon's cycle and its effect on life has been studied by cultures around the world for centuries. Every lunar cycle, a woman has the natural ability to shed toxins, emotions, and physical blockage that are disruptive to life. This is a magical time that symbolizes new beginnings, new intentions, and a time when each of us is gifted a clean slate with every New Moon.

Hi, my name is Cassandra Moreno and I am a licensed massage & bodywork therapist and the owner of New Moon Massage. I attended North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork and graduated in 2015. Shortly after, I got married and became a mother. It was during my pregnancy I discovered my true passion to help other moms, which led me to specialize in women's general massage health and healing. Throughout the years as a licensed bodywork therapist, I have received additional certifications for Reiki, Fertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum massage.  

My approach to healing is very holistic. I believe in working intuitively to get to the root of the problem. It's not just healing the body but also the mind and spirit as well. I love to incorporate all of my work with essential oils, healing crystals, and herbal remedies. My goal is to create a therapeutic, nurturing, and safe environment for all women. Soothe your soul and reconnect your body & mind with one of our specialty healing treatments.



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