New, full, half, waxing, waning, crescent, and gibbous. The moon's cycle and its effect on life has been studied by cultures around the world for centuries. Every lunar cycle, a woman has the natural ability to shed toxins, emotions, and physical blockage that are disruptive to life. This is a magical time that symbolizes new beginnings, new intentions, and a time when each of us is gifted a clean slate with every New Moon.

Hey there! My name is Cassandra Moreno and I am a licensed massage & bodywork therapist (NCLMBT #17389) and the owner of New Moon Massage. I attended North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork in 2015. Shortly after graduating massage school, I got married and became a mother. It was during my pregnancy I discovered my true passion to help other moms, which led me to specialize in women's massage and wellness. Throughout the years I have been perfecting my craft and taken additional training courses to further my skill set. I am certified as a Nurturing the Mother® Massage Therapist in Fertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum massages through Claire Marie Miller Seminars, one of the nations leaders in women's massage therapy. 

My approach is very holistic, which means you will have a therapist who listens to your concerns and truly cares about your wellbeing. My goal is to help you leave feeling better and get you on the right track to living a pain-free life. This is why after your first session, I will assess and address any issues as well as get your input to create a personalized treatment plan created just for you.


 I believe in working intuitively to get to the root of the problem. It's not just healing the body but also the mind and spirit as well. My goal is to create a therapeutic, nurturing, and safe environment for all women. Soothe your soul and reconnect your body & mind with one of New Moon's treatments.